8 Keys to Safe Trauma Recovery:

Take-charge Strategies to Empower Your Healing

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body-psychotherapist and specialist educator in the treatment of trauma and P.T.S.D., is the author of five books including, The Body Remembers, a best-selling  professional book on trauma for professionals since its publication in 2000.

She is the creator and editor of the 8 Keys to Mental Health Self-Help Series, all published by W. W. Norton & Co.  8 Keys to Safe Trauma Recovery was the first in that series, which now comprises 10 titles.

 A practicing psychotherapist and body-psychotherapist since 1976 and a California Licensed clinical Social Worker since 1978, she now travels the world giving professional lectures, trainings and consultations. 

Institutions sponsoring her trainings have included: counseling, hospital, domestic violence, family therapy, rehabilitation, refugee, dance, athletic, children and psychotherapy centers all over the United States, UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Babette is a member of the International and European Societies for Traumatic Stress Studies, the Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists and the National Association of Social Workers. She has trained extensively in Transactional Analysis, Gestalt Therapy, Psychodrama, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing and Somatic Experiencing, and is a certified Bodynamic Analyst and certified Radix Teacher.

She can be reached through her website, www.trauma.cc and by email at [email protected]

About the Editor

Michael Gavin

Editor of the Safe Trauma Recovery Website and Newsletter

and Editor-in-Chief of Notsocommon Internet Publishing.  

Michael practised as a psychotherapist from the mid 1980's until retiring in 2012. HIs training included Transactional Analysis, Radix Body Psychotherapy, and Somatic Trauma Therapy. 

A Certified Radix Teacher and Somatic Trauma Therapist, Michael was a member of Babette's original STT training group in 1994.  

From 2007 until December 2015, Michael was External Clinical Supervisor  to the London Underground Counselling and Trauma Service.  

He continues to offer training , and to participate in the London Radix Workshops programme, with workshops in The New Forest, and the Every-Body-Knows professional training programme with Brian Stirner.

Originally a Cambridge classicist, he holds advanced qualifications in Education and  Management, and for more than twenty years was a teacher and Head Teacher working with emotionally disturbed children in Inner London.

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